Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is Now Officially Available in App Store

Apple has finally releases its much awaited addition to the Mac OS X family dubbed The OS X Mountain Lion. It is signify by a 10.8 upgrade number.
It goes with the price of $19.99 USD much similar to the period when Leopard was upgraded to Snow Leopard pricing.

According to the requirements, you can directly upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion and the file size is approximately 4.05GB which is a pain for people with slow internet services.

Short excerpt of Apple's Press Release today:
"Apple® today announced that OS X® Mountain Lion, the ninth major release of the world's most advanced desktop operating system, is available as a download from the Mac® App Store℠. With more than 200 innovative new features, Mountain Lion includes iCloud® integration, the all new Messages app, Notification Center, system-wide Sharing, Facebook integration*, Dictation, AirPlay® Mirroring and Game Center. Mountain Lion is available as an upgrade from Lion or Snow Leopard for $19.99."

Source: Mountain Lion

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII Fake

Finally the fake Samsung Galaxy SIII had surfaced in China. From the picture above, the size looks almost identical as the real unit. The fake comes in 2 different models or at least I noticed that there are currently 2 different fake SIII in the market.

The lower end version (picture above on the right) is distributed by HDC manufacturer and the fake device is called HDC Galaxy S3. It comes in 4.7-inch display of 800x480 screen resolution. It has Android 2.3 Gingerbread and was promised to deliver Android 4.0 ICS as well. It spots 5MP rear camera and 0.3MP front-facing camera. The HDC Galaxy S3 is powered by a 1GHz processor with 512MB RAM. It also has a battery capacity of 2100mAh.
For those who are interested, I believe you can purchase it from

A youtube video showing the hands on of the lower end fake S3.


The higher end version looks even more similar to the original S3. The device has a screen resolution of 1280x720 resolution (similar to the original) except that it is not Super AMOLED display. Device is powered by 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM. It has a rear camera of 8MP and a front-facing camera of 1.3MP. Internal memory of 16GB and its battery capacity is 2500mAh which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note. The original Samsung Galaxy SIII has only a battery capacity of 2100mAh. 

Not forgetting the fake S3 is running with the latest Android 4.0.4 ICS. You can get all that with 271.50 USD. It comes with both Pebble Blue and Marble White.
For those interested, head on to

Hands on of the higher end fake Samsung Galaxy SII.

Angry Birds Official Store in China

First question that comes into my mind when seeing this news is.. WTF !?
Competing against the kings of fake in China with the official Angry Birds Store from Rovio. This is the first official store which opens in Shanghai recently and according to Rovio, they are expecting to open a total of 25 stores in China by end of this year.

How do you differentiate a original with a fake?

Maxis New MNP Promotions

Maxis is offering a port-in packages which include iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note and Nokia Lumia 900. The only downside is that you will have to fork out an upfront payment of RM1500 if you're planning on getting a iPhone 4S or RM1000 for the others.
The port-in or MNP will require a 24 months contract with the Maxis Value Plus 50 + 1GB Mobile Internet Plan. That is RM50 and RM48 respectively. For a complete 24 month contract, you will be paying (RM50 + RM48) x 24 + RM799 = RM3151 for the iPhone 4S.

As for Samsung Galaxy Note, total payment on the 24 months contract would be (RM50 + RM48) x 24 + RM599 = RM2951.
In comparison with the usual plan, for a Samsung Galaxy Note with the same Value Plus 50 and 1GB data plan, you will be paying (RM50 + RM48) x 24 + RM1449 = RM3801. You would have saved RM850 with the MNP port-in package.

The offer is valid not only for MNP applications but to existing Maxis postpaid customers as well.

Source: Maxis MNP

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smoking Chimpanzee from China

A zoo in Xinjiang China is reported having a chimp which smokes and drinks!
Rise of the planet of the apes begins in China..

Source: shanghaiist

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Rumor] iPad Mini? 7.85-inch, $249 ~ $299

Back in October 2011, there was already a rumor that Apple will be releasing a smaller version of the iPad series with the rumored screen size of 7.85-inch Retina Display with possibly 330dpi. Now it's back with more information and with a new naming call iPad Mini.
It was also rumored to be priced within $249 to $299 and could be available as early as September 2012, probably the same time when the iPhone 5 will be announced as well.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Apple Pays $60 million for iPad Trademark to Proview Technology

Apple had finally concluded the iPad trademark issues with the Chinese company Proview Technology. It was reported earlier back in mid February 2012 that the Chinese company is filing an infringement of the trademark iPad in China. It was also noted that Proview had earlier sought for as much as $400 million. It was concluded by Guangdong High People's Court for a final payment of $60 million.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

[Senheng, SenQ] Samsung Galaxy SIII for RM91.63/month for 24 months + Free Gifts

In collaboration with Maybank, Senheng/SenQ is giving a promotion for the Samsung Galaxy SIII starting from today till 31st July 2012. During the promotional period, you will get a Jabra Bluetooth Headset worth RM109 and Mocran Car Charger worth RM99 while stock lasts. You are entitled to a 0% interest for 24 months with a month repayment of RM91.63. A quick calculation upon 24 months will give you a total of RM2199.12 which is the RRP from Samsung. The only requirement is that the payment must be made with either a Maybankard Mastercard or Visa credit card. On top of that, you will enjoy a 5x TreatPoints from Maybank.

Source: Senheng, SenQ Samsung Galaxy SIII

Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, U Mobile Plans Compared (Samsung Galaxy SIII)

I have added in the table above the additional column to reflect the comparison between Maxis, DiGi, Celcom and U Mobile for the packages for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. U Mobile had just released their package today, therefore the above table has now been updated to reflect the comparison.

Judging from the previous post, U Mobile is the cheapest in terms of total commitment amount the other telcos for the period of 24 months. The closest to the U Mobile U28 plan is the DG Smart Plan 48 by DiGi which has a total commitment amount of RM2681, a difference of RM410. Both the telcos offer 1GB data plan only. Calls are pay-per-use. But on the U Mobile package, there is 100 free SMS to U Mobile users and 200 free SMS to other network operators.

[U Mobile] Samsung Galaxy SIII - As Low As RM588

U Mobile had just released their package for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The registration of interest (ROI) started more than 2 weeks ago. The package U Premium goes as low as RM588 for the device. You will have to pay RM168/month for the next 24 months. With that, you get 5GB worth of data plan, 800 SMS and 800 mins worth of calls. Out of the 800 SMS and 800 mins, half of it is for U Mobile to U Mobile and the other half is to other network operators. An upfront payment of RM1344 is required. Total payment after 24 months would be RM588 + (RM168 x 24) = RM4620.

As for the lowest commitment plan U28, the device price is RM1599 and upfront payment of RM224 is applicable. You get 1 GB of data, 100 SMS to U Mobile, 200 SMS to other network operators. Calls are based on per-usage.
In total after 24 months, you will pay RM1599 + (RM28 x 24) = RM2271.

This is to date the cheapest package for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Source: U Mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII