Sunday, March 23, 2014

Zerolemon 10000mAh Extended Battery (Galaxy Note 3)

Just got myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 extended battery from Zerolemon. If you have not heard about Zerolemon,  they are specialized in making extended batteries. The picture above shows the simple packaging of the Zerolemon - it is only a plastic bag!

Purchased the item from eBay and it was delivered by this company called Bastex Wireless from the US.  You can either get it from eBay or Amazon, both the prices are similar. Best part is, it does ship to Malaysia. After conversion and shipping charges, the final bill on my credit card was approx RM250 (paid through PayPal). The delivery took 14 days to arrive upon payment which is not bad for a USPS shipment from the US. Tracking number was provided as well.

The package includes:
  • 10000mAh battery
  • hard plastic inner case
  • TPU case for outer protection
  • belt clip
  • transparent plastic screen cover/protector
  • cleaning cloth
  • instruction manual (assembly)
The assembly was complicated. You could find some video assembly example from YouTube. I do not like the transparent plastic screen cover as it looks like a cheap hard plastic material which definitely deteriorates the screen quality of the AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note 3. The main purpose of the plastic screen protector is definitely to provide a full protection of the device but I am not a fan of any screen protectors (not even the glass type =P). After using the it for a day, decided to remove the plastic screen protector. Take note that it is not meant to be removed as it is glued to the plastic inner case. Anyway, it was not difficult to remove. Just ensure that the glue are removed/cleaned after you have removed the plastic screen protector.

Coming to the thickness and weight... it is definitely a heavy brick as you have 3x the original battery juice and thickness is more than double the original size of the Note 3. Those who are more familiar with the Otterbox Commuter case, this Zerolemon is still thicker than the Otterbox by approximately 1.5 times. This giant extended battery is definitely not for everybody but suitable for those who are always on the go. You'll love this more than an ordinary powerbank.

So, how does the 10000mAh battery performs? Screen-On-Time (SOT) shows 7+ hours with a usage of 2 days 16 hours. In comparison with the stock battery, I would normally get 17 hours with SOT 4 hours with a battery remaining of below 10%. Take note that this is just the first battery cycle. I would expect it to perform better after a few battery charging cycle.

In layman term, 
  • original battery - 1 day usage (charge at the end of 1st day)
  • zerolemon battery - 3 days usage (charge at the end of 3rd day)


  1. Nice< i should give this battery a go soon

  2. Sell it to me if you don't want to use it anymore k.

  3. i like yoobao or iWalk power bank..they hardy and many sizes and color option which gives you many choice to choose from..bought mine cheap from