Thursday, September 29, 2011

iPhone 4S Packaging Label Found?

How real does this get?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Android Outsells iOS by 2-to-1 In The Past 3 Months - Nielsen

First of all, this survey is only conducted in the US and the statistic were based on only the past 3 months.
Nielsen statistic shows that in the past 3 months, people chooses Android platform over iOS platform in the ratio of 56% to 28% which is 2:1.

All of these could change as early as next week as Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 on 4th October 2011.

Source: Nielsen

Apple Official Announcement Of iPhone 5 Event on October 4th

According to invitation received by The Loop, Apple next generation iPhone event will beheld on October 4th in the Apple campus. Event will begin at 10am PT.

Source: The Loop

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Disney Launches Appmates App Toys For iPad

Something interesting regarding iPad and Cars 2. Disney had created a game which combined the creativity of Apple with mobile devices. This time around it's with the iPad.
All you need to do is to place the miniature cars on the iPad screen. That is all you need to do. No fancy Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity required. My guess is that the cars would probably be equipped with similar material as the capacitive stylus pen.

From what was noted, different miniature cars will have different type of gameplay. That gives a lot of scenarios to the kids. The app will be available for free on the AppStore while the toys (Cars 2) will be available at $20 in a pack of 2.

Here's a demo of the game.. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple Blocking Holiday/Vacation On 1st & 2nd Week of October

Hint from AppleInsider showing that Apple has been allegedly blocking employees from taking vacation on the first 2 weeks of October. This hint very closely to the much awaited iPhone 5 announcement on 4th October.
Blocking the 1st week would probably means launching of the iOS 5 and the 2nd week would be the actual launch of the next generation iPhone 5.
UK Apple Stores had reported to be doing the same as well.

"More specifically, the iPhone maker has in some locations blacked out vacation time for employees from October 9th through 12th and October 14th through 15th, according to people familiar with the matter. "

Source: AppleInsider 

Celcom - Blackberry Torch 9860 For RM588

Celcom recently launched the new Blackberry Torch 9860 for as low as RM588 with the Business Plan Package 188 for 24 months.

The Blackberry Torch 9860 is powered by a single-core 1.2GHz processor with 768MB RAM. Powering with the new Blackberry OS7. It has a display of 3.7" with resolution of 480x800 pixels.

Source: GadgetryCelcom

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Are Apple Logo On Samsung Backdrop?

Very interestingly, we have another blunder by Apple's competitor. This time it's Samsung.
With constant patent wars between both of them, what the hell is Samsung doing?!? The red marked icon looks definitely like the App Store icon on the iOS.
Earlier, we saw Sony doing almost similar thing buy using the Lion OSX wallpaper on their LED TV.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Motorola Xoom 2?

Thanks to the guys from Droid Life, we now have 2 unofficial pictures of possibly the Xoom 2. We don't have much details from the 2 pictures except the fact the size is still 10.1".

Is this the reason why the price of the Xoom was dropped recently? 
The new price of the Xoom is now RM1899 for 32GB 3G and RM1599 for 32GB WiFi. Previously during first launch, the price for 32GB 3G was RM2599 and 32GB WiFi was RM2099. Now that's a massive discount of RM700 in less than a year.

Source: Droid Lifeimcc

Update: Maxis Home - Up To 30Mbps for RM398/month

The new rebranding of the Maxis Home Internet Package comes in 4 different sets.
For the max speed of 30Mbps, you will have to pay monthly commitment of RM398/month. Obviously it will be with a 24 month contract. On top of that, you'll probably be required to pay setup fees. 
There is a quota for all packages and for the 30Mbps package, it will be capped at 300GB. For the moment, it is unlimited till end of Dec 2011. Not sure if it will be extended. TM has yet to implement the throttling speed.
Also, there are free calls to Maxis mobile lines, IDD calls. Call minutes depend on specific package. Nevertheless, calls between Maxis Fixed Lines are free. Similar to TM by the way.

Closest competitor is of course TM's UniFi. Current highest speed package on UniFi is 20Mbps at a price of RM249/month, capped at 120GB. So, do you want to pay RM149 for additional 10Mbps speed? or are you willing to pay more per GB?

Further breakdown:

  • Maxis Home RM398 package ~ RM1.32/GB
  • TM UniFi RM249 package ~ RM2.08/GB
Source: UniFiMaxis 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Update 2: Samsung Galaxy S II for RM849 from U Mobile Details Revealed

Finally, the details are reviewed. I made a simple calculation as below.
Think about it before committing to any of the U plans.

The plan with the lowest payment on day 1 would be the U Premium plan which is 849+672 = RM1521. But this will give you a total commitment payment of RM5173.86 after 24 months. The exact opposite would be the U Lite plan which is 1499+476 = RM1975 but with a total commitment payment of RM2886.38 after 18 months.
That's a massive difference in terms of total payment. Choose wisely!

That is with the assumption of 6% government tax and with also with the assumption that you do not exceed the voice and data usage in that specific plan. Additional charges are as the "Pay-As-You-Use-Rate". They are definitely not the cheapest around. Take a look at the table yourself.

 Source: U Mobile

Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Update] How To Check Your Maxis Data Usage

Apparently it is no longer possible to check the Maxis data usage using *136*9*3#. Maxis has change it to the above.

The new check sequence is dial *100# -> 6 (Internet & Settings) -> 1 (Mobile Internet)

I tried it on my iPhone and below is what it shows..

Just another note that this checking is not available for  pay-per-use, unlimited data and multi-sim subscribers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maxis Home - New Broadband Service?

Maxis recently updated the website to introduce something new regarding home broadband services.

What we could digest from this little information is that there will be a new broadband service from Maxis  which can speed up to 30Mbps and most probably running on fibre optics backbone. Also, there is a hint for free calls from Maxis mobile to fixed lines.
Finally, something that may give TM a run for its money..

Source: Maxis

Update: Samsung Galaxy S II for RM849 from U Mobile

Today we have the updated info based on the U Mobile Facebook page.

No further details were given but there is a message in the Facebook page saying this..

The voice + data plans package from U Mobile are as below:

Source: U MobileGadgetry

Tim Cook, iPhone 5, October 4th

That's the latest news on the new generation iPhone. According to AllThingsD, Apple is expecting to announce the long overdue iPhone 5 on the 4th of October. The person that would be presenting this time around would be the new CEO, Tim Cook.

Pressure is on Tim as the successor of the most influential man, Steve Jobs to deliver what the whole world had been waiting for more than a year.

Source: AllThingsD

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LaCie's Little Big Disk - Thunderbolt Series

Coming soon to the market will be the LaCie's Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Series. Probably one of the first few storage devices which uses the collaboration of Apple and Intel's Thunderbolt technology.
Just to recap, Thunderbolt technology allows 10Gbps transmission rate in both direction via single channel. In daily real-life comparison, it means a full HD movie can be transferred completely in less than 30 seconds.

From Lacie's website, it is expected to be available in both SSD and normal HDD drives. 240GB and 500GB is expected for SSD models and 1TB (7200rpm) and 2TB (5400rpm) is available for HDD models. It also features a Kensington lock placeholder. 

When will it be available? Some news are already circulating that the device is out in the Apple Store. Unfortunately there are no where to be found at the moment in the Apple Online Store.
Expected price for the 1TB HDD model to be $399. The finishing of the storage device in aluminum would be a match made in heaven for Apple products.

Source: LaCie

Samsung Galaxy S II for RM849 from U Mobile?

Several users of U Mobile had receive SMS notification of Samsung Galaxy S II for as low as RM849.
Now that's a bargain when comparing to the 3 giants. 
  • Maxis - RM1399
  • Celcom - RM1208
  • Digi - RM1349
  • U Mobile - RM849 (yet to be confirmed)

iPhone 5 Rumors Update

iPhone 5 Mockup

It's about time we do a little update on the upcoming iPhone 5. Expected launching date now is 7th October 2011 (of course, the dates are only speculative).
As usual, always before the announcement of the new iPhone, rumors are being heated up more and more.
Below are a few hot rumors lately..

iPhone 5 casing which shows much bigger screen and thinner next generation iPhone.

Leaked picture from China's "twitter" service (weibo) shows A5 chip.

South Korean carrier KT announces NFC support in future and also a iPhone case which goes along with it.

Finally Engadget is claiming that the AT&T system is showing up an inventory for "iPhone 4s". That "s" is actually a small letter and when compared to iPhone 3GS, it sounds different.. Also note that the inventory doesn't mention the size of the "iPhone 4s".

Source: maccitynet, weibo, Engadget

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Angry Birds Hits 350 million Downloads

Rovio announces that the ever popular Angry Birds game now hits 350 million downloads since December 2009 launch. Gameplay is expected to be at 300 million minutes since then.
Apart from this, the company was noted they are selling 1 million plush toys and 1 million t-shirts a month. I guess this is by far the best record so far in mobile gaming platform.

Maxis, Celcom, Digi Releases Blackberry Bold 9900 and Blackberry Torch 9810 Plans

Maxis packages, the Blackberry Bold 9900 is as low as RM1390 for BIS Pro package of 24 months and the Blackberry Torch 9810 is as low as RM1350 for BIS Pro package of 24 months.

Celcom whereas has a BIS Pro package of 12 months with RM1638 for the Blackberry Bold 9900 and RM1588 for Blackberry Torch 9810 with the same package.

Coming to Digi, for a DG Smart Plan 68, the phone is as low as RM1399 for a 24 months package. No news on Blackberry Torch 9810 from Digi.
Though no immediate news regarding the new Blackberry Torch 9860 on any of the 3 major telcos.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sony Tablet S Is Now Ready For Pre-Order

It comes in 2 sizes, 16GB ($499.99) and 32GB ($599.99) with a release date in 16th September 2011.
It was previously named as Tablet S1.

As for the Tablet S2, the dual-screen is still not yet released. 

For re-cap, pls refer to this link.
Source: Sony