Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update: Maxis Home - Up To 30Mbps for RM398/month

The new rebranding of the Maxis Home Internet Package comes in 4 different sets.
For the max speed of 30Mbps, you will have to pay monthly commitment of RM398/month. Obviously it will be with a 24 month contract. On top of that, you'll probably be required to pay setup fees. 
There is a quota for all packages and for the 30Mbps package, it will be capped at 300GB. For the moment, it is unlimited till end of Dec 2011. Not sure if it will be extended. TM has yet to implement the throttling speed.
Also, there are free calls to Maxis mobile lines, IDD calls. Call minutes depend on specific package. Nevertheless, calls between Maxis Fixed Lines are free. Similar to TM by the way.

Closest competitor is of course TM's UniFi. Current highest speed package on UniFi is 20Mbps at a price of RM249/month, capped at 120GB. So, do you want to pay RM149 for additional 10Mbps speed? or are you willing to pay more per GB?

Further breakdown:

  • Maxis Home RM398 package ~ RM1.32/GB
  • TM UniFi RM249 package ~ RM2.08/GB
Source: UniFiMaxis 

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