Friday, September 23, 2011

Update 2: Samsung Galaxy S II for RM849 from U Mobile Details Revealed

Finally, the details are reviewed. I made a simple calculation as below.
Think about it before committing to any of the U plans.

The plan with the lowest payment on day 1 would be the U Premium plan which is 849+672 = RM1521. But this will give you a total commitment payment of RM5173.86 after 24 months. The exact opposite would be the U Lite plan which is 1499+476 = RM1975 but with a total commitment payment of RM2886.38 after 18 months.
That's a massive difference in terms of total payment. Choose wisely!

That is with the assumption of 6% government tax and with also with the assumption that you do not exceed the voice and data usage in that specific plan. Additional charges are as the "Pay-As-You-Use-Rate". They are definitely not the cheapest around. Take a look at the table yourself.

 Source: U Mobile

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