Sunday, September 11, 2011

iPhone Apps Review: SPYmouse

It's been a while since I've done a app review. This time, I will be doing a app review on SPY mouse. It is currently the number 1 paid app in US Apple Store.

Priced at $0.99
Developed by Electronics Arts
Filesize: 199MB
Average ratings: 4.5/5 stars from 4035 ratings
Platform: iPhone native only

Game play is simple. Get Mr. Squeak (SPY mouse) to capture all cheese without being hammered by the cats. Bare in mind there are a few types of cats during the game. Some cats are dumb which runs slow and some which are ninja types which could throw shurikens. 

SPY mouse is pretty simple to navigate in the iOS system. Pretty much just have to use your finger to navigate to where you would like the mouse to be running to. The dotted lines are the lines in which the cats will be roaming. If you were in the line with the sight of the cats, you will be pounded. Becareful, the black cats are fast.

In some levels, you will notice that there are hidden areas. Usually the hidden areas are cracks found on the walls.

Chilly would make the mouse run faster and the cups/pails will prevent the cats from noticing your moves.

Of course in any games, there are BIG bosses in where you will have to attempt to defeat. 

Those are the ninja cats! Balloons reduces the weight of the big giant cheese.

There are more than 72 different levels in 6 different worlds. That should keep you playing for a while.

The higher the levels you are in, Mr. Squeak will be able to carry more cheese. Bare in mind, the more you carry, the heavy it is which means the slower Mr. Squeak will be able to run.

Pros: Nice 2D graphics and simple game play
Cons: Not really that addictable and the file size for an iPhone game is huge, 199MB.

Source: SPYmouse

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