Tuesday, September 20, 2011

iPhone 5 Rumors Update

iPhone 5 Mockup

It's about time we do a little update on the upcoming iPhone 5. Expected launching date now is 7th October 2011 (of course, the dates are only speculative).
As usual, always before the announcement of the new iPhone, rumors are being heated up more and more.
Below are a few hot rumors lately..

iPhone 5 casing which shows much bigger screen and thinner next generation iPhone.

Leaked picture from China's "twitter" service (weibo) shows A5 chip.

South Korean carrier KT announces NFC support in future and also a iPhone case which goes along with it.

Finally Engadget is claiming that the AT&T system is showing up an inventory for "iPhone 4s". That "s" is actually a small letter and when compared to iPhone 3GS, it sounds different.. Also note that the inventory doesn't mention the size of the "iPhone 4s".

Source: maccitynet, weibo, Engadget

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