Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apple to Lose iPad Trademark in China and Risk Paying 2.4 Billion in Compensation?

Is Apple getting into trouble in China? It all began when Apple file a lawsuit against a China company named Proview Technology of the name iPad. Sometime back in Dec 2011, the result were out and Apple surprisingly lost the lawsuit. Subsequently, Apple filed for an appeal to the Higher People's Court. In the event if the appeal is also rejected, sources are saying that Apple may risk paying 2.4 billion Yuan as a compensation.

Thanks to weibo, the picture above shows the legitimate document that Proview Technology holds the rights to the name IPAD since year 2000. Spokesperson from Proview is quoted to be saying that Proview is asking for a court order to stop the sales and marketing of the iPad products in China and also demanded an apology from Apple.

So, what happens now to the current sales of iPad in China? Amazon China has reported to remove the sales of iPad and iPad 2 from their website.

A quick check on Amazon China webpage on iPad or iPad 2 brings the result of only accessories. Up to date, there is no official statement from Apple regarding the halt of sales of iPad in China.

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