Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[U Mobile] Samsung Galaxy Nexus Plan Revealed. Plans Compared between U Mobile, DiGi, Celcom

U Mobile is the latest telco to join in the field of bundling Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Lowest commitment would be 24 months and the device price would costs RM1749. Monthly subscription of RM28/month will provide you with 1GB data. U Mobile provides up to 12 months installment for the device itself which translates to RM146/month.

Comparison table may look somewhat confusing but the most important part to look at is the last 2 rows which shows the total committed amount upon completion of the contract. U Mobile plan weighs the cheapest while Celcom has the highest amount but with RM50 worth of calls/SMS. DiGi on the other hand has a monthly fee of RM28 which is similar to U Mobile but after the RM15 and RM5 rebate if you sign up for auto-billing. If not, you will need to pay RM48 per month.

Source: U Mobile

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