Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Maxis] Samsung Galaxy Note Plans

Maxis too has jump into the Samsung Galaxy Note bandwagon but with much delay. Anyway, the cheapest combination to own a Galaxy Note with Maxis would be signing up with Value First (RM30/month) and a 1GB data plan (RM48/month) which would give you the smartphone for RM1749 for a 24 months contract. So, in total after 24 months, you would have paid RM3621.

When comparing with DiGi, the total payment after 24 months would be RM2781 but that does not include any other calls or SMS/MMS chargers. The 24 months plan only includes 1GB data plan. For comparison sake, assume monthly calls or SMS to be RM30/month, you will approximately be pay RM3501. Slightly cheaper than Maxis by RM120.

With Celcom the monthly commitment of RM88/month, you will get 1GB data plan with RM50 calls and SMS. For a 18 month contract, the smartphone is priced at RM1748. In total after 18 months, you will pay RM3332. So for comparison purpose again with 24 months, the total payment is RM3861.
Taking the comparison of Maxis's 18 months contract, the difference between Maxis and Celcom would be RM3332 (Celcom) - RM3253 (Maxis) = RM79. Maxis is slightly cheaper but Celcom has a RM50 monthly calls and SMS credit when compared to Maxis which is RM30.

Source: Maxis

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