Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maxis New MNP Promotions

Maxis is offering a port-in packages which include iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note and Nokia Lumia 900. The only downside is that you will have to fork out an upfront payment of RM1500 if you're planning on getting a iPhone 4S or RM1000 for the others.
The port-in or MNP will require a 24 months contract with the Maxis Value Plus 50 + 1GB Mobile Internet Plan. That is RM50 and RM48 respectively. For a complete 24 month contract, you will be paying (RM50 + RM48) x 24 + RM799 = RM3151 for the iPhone 4S.

As for Samsung Galaxy Note, total payment on the 24 months contract would be (RM50 + RM48) x 24 + RM599 = RM2951.
In comparison with the usual plan, for a Samsung Galaxy Note with the same Value Plus 50 and 1GB data plan, you will be paying (RM50 + RM48) x 24 + RM1449 = RM3801. You would have saved RM850 with the MNP port-in package.

The offer is valid not only for MNP applications but to existing Maxis postpaid customers as well.

Source: Maxis MNP

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