Sunday, July 1, 2012

[U Mobile] Samsung Galaxy SIII - As Low As RM588

U Mobile had just released their package for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The registration of interest (ROI) started more than 2 weeks ago. The package U Premium goes as low as RM588 for the device. You will have to pay RM168/month for the next 24 months. With that, you get 5GB worth of data plan, 800 SMS and 800 mins worth of calls. Out of the 800 SMS and 800 mins, half of it is for U Mobile to U Mobile and the other half is to other network operators. An upfront payment of RM1344 is required. Total payment after 24 months would be RM588 + (RM168 x 24) = RM4620.

As for the lowest commitment plan U28, the device price is RM1599 and upfront payment of RM224 is applicable. You get 1 GB of data, 100 SMS to U Mobile, 200 SMS to other network operators. Calls are based on per-usage.
In total after 24 months, you will pay RM1599 + (RM28 x 24) = RM2271.

This is to date the cheapest package for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Source: U Mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII

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