Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maxis, Celcom, DiGi Plans Compared (Samsung Galaxy SIII)

The above are the comparison between the 3 major telcos on the plans for the Samsung Galaxy SIII which went on sale today. The comparison are based on the minimum commitment duration.

The only direct possible comparison is the 12 months contract plans for the 3 telcos. Judging by the total calculation of the entire tenure of the contract, DiGi has the most affordable at RM2315. Do take note that in the DG Smart Plan 48, there are no calls/SMS bundled in the contract. Only 1GB data plan. The RM2315 has also taken into account the RM5/month rebate when you sign up for auto-billing.
Sign up for auto-billing can be a hassle as you will need to go to the DiGi Center and not the DiGi Store for the registration.

The next closest to DiGi's price is the Maxis Value First (RM30/month) + 1GB (RM48/month) plan. It sums up to be RM2735 after 12 months. The difference between Maxis and DiGi upon 12 months contract is RM420. Taking 420 and divide by 12 months would give you RM35/month additional charges when you subscribe to Maxis. As mentioned earlier, DiGi does not have calls/SMS bundled. Therefore if you were to make calls/SMS worth RM35/month in DiGi, it would give you the same total amount upon completion of the 12 months contract. So the RM35/month of calls/SMS should be your key point in choosing between Maxis and DiGi.

As for Celcom, it has the advantage of RM50 worth of calls/SMS. If you're on the high usage of calls/SMS, Celcom should be the choice between the 3 as the difference between Maxis and Celcom is only RM99 which translate to RM8.25/month additional to Maxis.

The above are only my personal views. Please do take into account the services and coverage when deciding on which telco to subscribe to.

Update (01.07.12): Comparison table updated to reflect U Mobile. Please click here.

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