Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[Maxis] Nokia Lumia 610 Packages

Maxis releases the packages for the new Nokia Lumia 610. The usual plan would require the user to subscribe either a Value First or Value Plus plan and a data plan of your choice ranging from 1GB to 3GB. This time around there are lighter packages for much lighter user which could fit into the category plan of Value Plus Internet 50 or Value Plus Internet 80.

As for comparison purposes, we will choose the Value First (RM30/month) + Data Plan 1GB (RM48/month). That would give you a total of RM78/month and depending the length of contract you decided to have, the device price ranges accordingly.
Assuming we choose the shortest commitment and the minimum monthly package, the total payment you would pay after 12 months contract is (RM78 x 12) + RM549 = RM1485.

If you are a lighter user, you may want to choose the Value Plus Internet 50 package which consists of 250MB, 100 SMS and 100 MMS with a monthly fee of RM50.
Total payment after 12 months contract for the shortest commitment is (RM50 x 12) + RM499 = RM1099.

Some specification details are available here.

Source: Maxis Nokia Lumia 610

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