Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Maxis] New iPad Data Plan

Maxis's new iPad data plans consists of plans for postpaid and prepaid users. Take note that both postpaid and prepaid iPad data plan does not require user to have a yearly commitment - in other words, contractless.

As for the postpaid data plan, data quota ranges from 3.5GB, 6GB and 15GB in which the 15GB Premium data plan would require an advance payment of RM50. If you are currently an iValue plan user (which means you somehow owned an iPhone from Maxis), you will be entitled to RM10 rebate per month. That would give an entry data plan of RM60/month. Maxis did something different this time around. Upon exceeding the allocated data, Maxis will not be charging you extra but instead speed throttling will be activated.

If you would still like to enjoy the normal speed even after exceeding your monthly quota, you may opt for the quota upgrades as stated in the above table.

You don't have to feel left out if you're a hotlink user (prepaid) as Maxis had that covered through the iPad data plan prepaid. The table above shows the single iPad data plan of 3.5GB for RM70 which is valid for 30 days upon activations.

Source: Maxis iPad PostpaidMaxis iPad Prepaid

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