Monday, May 28, 2012

[DiGi] Samsung Galaxy SIII for RM999 (Package)

Finally, the DiGi releases the package for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The RRP is marked as RM2199 as earlier speculated.
It comes in 2 types of packages, DG Smart Plan 68 and DG Smart Plan 88. Both packages comes with 24 months contract only.

DG Smart Plan 68:

  • RM1149 for the device
  • Upfront payment: RM68
  • Upfront device payment: RM500
  • 3GB data
  • Total payment: RM1149 + (RM63* x 24) = RM2661
  • *RM5 rebate for auto-billing

DG Smart Plan 88:
  • RM999 for the device
  • Upfront payment: RM88
  • Upfront device payment: RM600
  • 5GB data
  • Total payment: RM999 + (RM83* x 24) = RM2991
  • *RM5 rebate for auto-billing

For the moment, DiGi is only offering the 16GB Marble White version.

The above are the locations for the DiGi Samsung Galaxy SIII launching and yes the date is on 31st May.

Source: DiGi Store

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