Sunday, January 15, 2012

[U Mobile] Chinese New Year Lucky Draw

To kick off the Dragon year, U Mobile is giving out free lucky draw prizes if you are spending RM28 and above at the U Mobile Store. It could be subscription to a new line, top up, broadband modem, subscription to mobile internet, etc. Lucky draw period is from 9th Jan ~ 31st Jan 2012.

Lucky draw prizes are as below:

Pls also read the fine print carefully.

Prizes obtained are transferable within 24 hours. Winners of the Blackberry devices must subscribe 1 month postpaid or prepaid BIS plan. The devices has no warranty claims possible. 
Winners of the modem would be required to sign up for 1 month postpaid or prepaid broadband service. 42Mbps modem winners would have to subscribe to MB128 plan. As for the Double Digit 88 winners, you are required to sign up any postpaid plan.

Source: U Mobile

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