Saturday, January 7, 2012

[DiGi] Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pre-Order

DiGi is the first to start of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus pre-ordering and expected to deliver to your door step by 13 Jan. Almost similar concept as what they did for the iPhone 4S. Will there be a 1 day earlier delivery like the iPhone 4S previously?

There are 2 types of contract - which are the DG Smart Plan 48 and DG Smart Plan 68.

As for the DG Smart Plan 48, your monthly commitment fee is RM43 if you perform auto-billing. Calls, SMS and MMS are all charged separately according to the table above. This plan has a data plan of up to 1GB. With 24 months contract, you get a phone rebate of RM550. On the 12 months contract, the rebate is RM350. The outright purchase price is RM2099.

DG Smart Plan 68 has a data plan of 3GB. Phone rebate for 24 months contract is RM700 and for 12 months contract is RM450. Calls, SMS and MMS charges are the same. On top of the RM5 rebate due to auto-billing, the DG Smart Plan 68 has a limited RM15/month (only applicable for 24 months contract) rebate as well. That will bring the total bill to RM48/month.

Please also take note that there is an upfront payment required and it ranges from RM50 ~ RM500 depending on the contract and package.

Source: DiGi

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