Saturday, January 7, 2012

[Rumor] iOS 5.1 Features Quad-Core Processor?

Rumors obviously have to start from somewhere. This time around, folks at 9to5mac managed to dig up some fairly nice information regarding the next iOS 5.1 update. Somewhere somehow in the codes of the iOS 5.1, developers are hinting that the next generation iOS devices like iPhone 5 and iPad 3 would probably feature a quad-core processor.

In the core management software of the latest iOS 5.1 beta, people familiar with this states that the iOS 5.1 has a code option "/cores/cores.3

In the past,

  • /cores/cores.0 - refers to single core processor
  • /cores/cores.1 - refers to double core processor
  • /cores/cores.2 - refers to tripple core processor
  • /cores/cores.3 - refers to quad core processor
Source: 9to5mac

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