Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[DiGi] Samsung Galaxy Nexus DiGi Plan Updated (more expensive)

Not sure what happened but DiGi had recently updated the Samsung Galaxy Nexus plans. The most obvious impact would be the device price itself. During the pre-ordering phase, the lowest price of the device was RM1399 for a 24 months DG SmartPlan 68 plan but now it's RM1999 regardless of which  plan you choose. That only reflect RM100 savings from the original retail price of RM2099.

Below is the pre-ordering promo banner taken from DiGi approximately 10 days ago.

Not sure what is DiGi up to. Anyway, the table below shows the difference in the total commitment after 24 months.

The new plans only have 24 months contract. The 12 months contract plans were removed in the latest update. Nevertheless, the monthly commitment charges were also reduced. For DG48 plan, the monthly commitment is now RM28 from RM43 (DG48) previously. All the prices are after auto-billing rebate. In total, for DG48 plan, you will be paying additional RM90 when compared to the previous plan. But for DG68 plan, your additional payment is RM360. You can refer to this previous post for the previous plans.

Source: DiGi

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