Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Maxis iPhone 4S Plan - Budget Conscious

Maxis recently launched a budget conscious iPhone 4S plan targeting those with budget constraints. The plans come in 2 options, namely Value Plus Internet 50 and Value Plus Internet 30. The lowest monthly commitment of RM30/month will give you data of 250MB, 50 SMS and 50 mins worth of talk time. Obviously these plans would come with either 12 months or 24 months contract. Assuming the lowest total commitment plan with VPI 30 with the cheapest iPhone 4S 16GB version, your total package upon 12 months would be RM2100 + (RM30 x 12) = RM2460. Subsequent data charges is RM0.30/MB.
When compared with the iValue 1 plan, the total 12 months package would be RM1750 + (RM100 x 12) = RM2950. That would give you RM490 savings. Of course you would have to take note that the plan perks are a lot different when compared to previous iValue 1 package.

Source: Maxis

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