Sunday, March 25, 2012

Maxis FastTap NFC Service

Bumped into Maxis website which shows NFC offering recently. Was not aware that Maxis had actually started offering NFC services via Nokia 6212. The picture above actually shows "coming soon" Maxis FastTap NFC capabilities for the iPhone. We all know well that even the latest iPhone 4S does not come with NFC built-in. Observe closely the picture of the iPhone and you will notice an adapter attached to the device. A quick search shows that the NFC adapter is designed by Wireless Dynamics in the US and the adapter name is called iCarte.

Current offer from Maxis FastTap is via Nokia 6212. This is the first mobile phone that has a built-in NFC way back in 2009. That means for the moment, you will only be able to enjoy the FastTap NFC service from Maxis via Nokia 6212.

Maxis FastTap NFC service offers hassle-free payment for transportation via TnG, retail food outlets as well as departmental stores. Full details as shown above.

I guess what we are interested now is when the service will be available for native smartphones with built-in NFC feature, like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus powered by Android.

Source: Maxis FastTap

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