Saturday, March 3, 2012

Maxis Internet Value Plan

In recent days, Maxis launched a new plan call Internet Value Plan. It comes in 2 packages, namely Internet Value 75 and Internet Value 50. The number denotes the monthly fee of either RM75 or RM50. The target for this kind of package is for people who uses more data than calls or SMS. For example with Internet Value 50 plan, you will get 1.5GB worth of data only. In other words, you pay RM50 for 1.5GB data. Calls and SMS are pay-as-you-use scenario. Charges are as table mentioned above.

As many have known, Maxis does not cap the speed upon exceeding of the allocated data plan, it charges 30sen/MB. That is costly figure if you accidentally exceed by 100MB. To enable users to continue enjoying the data plan at a affordable price even after exceeding your monthly limit, Maxis introduced Mobile Internet Volume Passes. For comparison, taking 100MB as the extra data used, it would cost RM0.30 x 100MB = RM30 for conventional charging. With Mobile Internet Volume Passes, you will only need to subscribe for an additional RM18 for extra 100MB. That gives a saving of RM12.

In the FAQ section, it mentioned that only new sign-ups will be eligible for this plans.

Source: Maxis

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