Saturday, October 29, 2011

U Mobile RM48*/month 42Mbps Broadband

U Mobile RM48*/month 42Mbps broadband service is quite appealing. There is a reason for the "*" in which I will explain later.
One thing new would be the "rental modem" package. From the table, the prices are separated into Non-Rental and Rental. Rental basically means you are renting the modem from them but to me it's more like an installment you pay for the modem. Not sure if towards the end of the 12months contract (for Rental only), will the modem automatically be yours. I think so..

Basically, it has 2 plans - MB68 and MB128. As the name denotes, it's RM68/m and RM128/m.
There is a RM100 activation fees in any cases. Now, this is where the "*" comes into play. You will effectively pay RM48/m for the next 5 months as there is a Promotional Rebate offer of RM20 x 5 months during this promotional period. But take note at the Upfront Payment (last row), you will still need to pay RM350 in which RM250 is for the modem and RM100 is ?? it's for the activation fees.

So the statement above of RM100 rebate of the activation fees is true but the RM48*/month is only a gimmick. All in all you still pay RM68/month but you don't have to pay the activation fees.

Finally, the throttling speed after data quota is 128kbps. U Mobile also provides "booster plan" for those who have exceeded the quota by paying RM10 for additional 1.5GB with the same speed.

Source: U Mobile

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