Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4S

In the Apple event yesterday, Apple finally releases the next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 4S. Yes it's not iPhone 5. Much to a disappointed crowd, the new Apple CEO Tim Cook present to the world the bumped up internal specification of the next generation iPhone.

The most notable new feature would be the Siri Voice Recognition system on the new iOS5.
From what I can see, Apple is making another revamp on the already available voice recognition program. Judging from the commercials, Siri looks to be amazing. Judge it yourself from the video feed below.

The other enhancement with the new iPhone 4S is the 8MP camera of f/2.4 aperture with a video recording capability of 1080p.

Other internal upgrades include the new A5 processor which is similar to the iPad 2. It's a dual-core running at 1GHz and an internal RAM of 1GB. Besides, the radio system is now capable of supporting both GSM and CDMA all in one chip. Words are circulating that the unlock is only possible on GSM and not CDMA. The maximum download speed is bumped from 7.2Mbps to 14.4Mbps. Just for comparison purposes, Samsung Galaxy S2 is capable up to 21Mbps.

What was not noted was that the front facing camera is still with as the original iPhone 4, a 0.3MP version which is bad as the Samsung Galaxy S2 is already having a 2MP.
Also, this time around, there is a 64GB version.

So, when is it available? It will be available on 14th October on 7 major countries and on 28th October the next 22 countries (Singapore is one of them). As usual, Malaysia is not part of the early birds. The remaining countries will be available by end of the year.
In the past when iPad 2 was launched, Malaysia wasn't part of the 2nd batch which Singapore was either. But eventually iPad 2 had a parallel launch in Singapore and Malaysia. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the same this time for the iPhone 4S.

My verdict: In this new iPhone 4S, the focus is mainly on the performance of the device which includes the dual-core A5 chip (which runs almost double the speed and also 7x the graphic performance - as advertised) and the software which is the new iOS5. Nothing changes from the outlook which may be quite disappointed for most people as not everybody fancy internal spec bump.

Before we end the preview, it's always good to see Apple's ad on the iPhone 4S..

Source: Apple

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