Wednesday, March 10, 2010

iPhone Apps Reviews: Run!

Going to start with iPhone apps review..
The 1st app that I would like to introduce is actually a game by the name Run! 

Relatively a simple game and of cause uses the function of the well known multitouch..
The author of this game is Arthur Ham.
You can get it from iTunes for $0.99 at the moment.

Refer below for some screen shots.

The opening screen..

By hitting the "Run", you will start the game..  Countdown 0 and you will be on your way..

Sliding the finger to the top across the running man will make him jump and sliding it down will make him slide avoiding the obstacles.. Obviously the "ATTACK" button is to smack the aliens..

 At the end of the day, when it's game over.. this is what you will see.. :) and you can tweet your scores as well..

Here is just a quick preview of the game which is quite interesting.. hope you guys enjoy.. :)

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