Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iPhone Apps Reviews: Hottest Apps

This time around, it's not a game apps review but instead a small and useful app that could help you locate the hottest or top apps in the app store.
The name of this app is called "Hottest Apps".

 This is currently priced at $1.99

This app works in the sense that it checks the App Store every hour to find apps moving up the ranks or apps which have gone on sale (this is the best part which I like the most).

Obviously the highest ranking is at the top with the "Hottest" icon on the right.

It also has the possibility of selecting Free or Paid categories.

Notice that there is the "iTunes" icon. Tapping on this will bring you straight to the app store where you could immediately begin downloading the app.
Searching function is also possible in this app.
 A few other interesting categories are all possible via the menu:

The rankings are taken from the top 10 stores which includes US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Italy.
In the option menu, you can select which store you would like to get the ranking from.

Also, from the Option menu, you could actually switch ON the notification which is actually quite cool.. Sharing of apps via Facebook is also an option.

Verdict: Overall rating would be 9/10. Final missing point is actually due to the fact that there is a small advert by google at the bottom of the screen in this app. It would be great if this app is ad free since you actually pay for this app.

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