Monday, March 22, 2010

iPhone Apps Reviews: Chop Chop Ninja

It's a game by the developer Gamerizon. It had been getting a very good customer rating. Up to now, there are 519 users which think it's worth 5 stars in the iTunes.
The name of today's app is Chop Chop Ninja.

Indeed sounded like something to do with food but trust me on this, it is far from anything that you could put into your mouth =P

At the moment, this app is free but only for a very very limited time only!
Don't wait any longer, go to iTunes and start downloading!
The story of the game is that the emperor's daughter is in danger and you as the ninja is supposed to help save the princess. There are several ninja abilities that you will learn while on the journey to save her. You will have to evade some traps, destroy enemies and others to get pass each stage.

This is where it all begins..
The bottom left is your life bar while the bottom right shows the number of remaining lives.

This is where you learn the additional ninja moves as the game goes..

Going through the tutorial will guide you on the action keys of the game.
I'll just give a brief introduction to the gesture required to play the game.

Touch and hold the right of the screen will enable the ninja to move forward while holding the left of the screen will move in the other direction.
Tapping on the screen at the top side will make the ninja jump. Upon coming towards an opponent, tap behind the opponent in order to attack. Keep tapping the screen until the opponent is defeated. You will get a hang of the movements after several tries during the game.
Overall, the movements and actions during the game is superb. Everything is well responding and very easy to navigate as well..

Notice that there is a rocket at the back of the ninja. This enable the ninja to "fly" higher in order to obtain the golds but then obviously it will run out after a certain time.

There are several areas where you will have to enter during the game via a small door. Tapping on the door will open it and guide the ninja towards the door.
The Japanese gong on the right as you can see in orange colour is where the checkpoint is. You don't have to start from the beginning if you are dead halfway during the fight!

There are several types of creatures in this game, namely scorpion, snakes, ninjas and others. Remember tapping directly on the back of the opponent to terminate it..
Notice a green potion at the top of the scorpion picture? This is where you recharge your life after all the beatings..

Other potions are also available. The picture below actually shows the ninja with the "invisible" potion. I think you know what that means..

Upon completing the game, you will be brought back to the emperor. With the stuff that you have collected, the emperor will try to revive the daughter which is currently under some spell..

The 1st time, it doesn't work and that's how the game moves on. The emperor will once again give you instruction to go collect another sets of items to revive his daughter and off you go again in another journey to the next stage. There are several more stages before you eventually get to revive the daughter successfully.

More actions..

Verdict: I will give an overall rating of 10/10 for this one. One of the major reason is that the game is currently FREE!
Quick grab it before the free period is over!

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