Friday, October 19, 2012

[Maxis] Samsung Galaxy Note II Official Package

Finally Maxis, at the very last minute before the official selling date. I guess Maxis is too lazy to update the picture of the Note II (they are using Note I picture).

For the minimum commitment usage on Maxis, the total bill upon completion of the contract:
[(RM78 + RM48) x 12 months] + RM1799 = RM3311

For the maximum phone rebate, the package would be a 24 months contract:
[(RM78 + RM68) x 24 months] + RM1399 = RM4903

The TalkMore78 plans are more for those who have high call activities.

Now, let's come to the basic Maxis plans which consists of Value Plan + Data Plan.

For the minimum commitment of 12 months (lowest monthly commitment):
[(RM30 + RM48) x 12 months] + RM1899 = RM2835

For the maximum phone rebate (24 months contract):
[(RM30 + RM68) x 24 months] + RM1599 = RM3951

Hold on.. the comparison chart of the 3 telcos are coming up soon..

Source: Maxis TalkMore78Maxis Value Plan

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