Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Celcom] Samsung Galaxy Note II Official Package

One day before the official launch, Celcom finally releases its packages for the new Samsung Galaxy Note II.

With the lowest commitment of 12 months with Celcom's lowest priced package of RM78/month, the total commitment after 12 months is:
(RM78 x 12 months) + RM1898 = RM2834

As for the highest subsidized device of RM1498, you would be tied up with 18 months contract with RM188/month package. That would give your total commitment after 18 months to be:
(RM188 x 18 months) + RM1498 = RM4882

Celcom's roadshow will be held at the venue stated in the above table. There are some freebies as well during the roadshow:

  • Free Flip Casing worth RM149 which is limited to first 100 customer in KL and first 50 customer other locations
  • Free KFC Voucher worth RM40
  • Free 6-months MUSICUBE subscription
  • Lucky draw opportunity to win a Samsung Galaxy SIII or a concert ticket to watch JLo or Siti Nurhaliza

DiGi's package could be found here.

Source: Celcom

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