Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[Maxis] New iPad Plans

As mentioned, Maxis releases the new iPad plans on 22nd June. It comprises of 3 packages. Taking an example of the cheapest plan, you will enjoy 2GB worth of data plan with a monthly commitment of RM48/month for the next 24 months. Upfront payment of RM300 is required but will be refunded equally over 5 months (RM60/month). Device is priced at RM1499 for a 16GB + 4G variant. Surprising to me is that the RRP mentioned in the Maxis website for the 16GB + 4G variant is RM1949 whereas in the Apple Online Store it is only RM1899. The 32GB + 4G and 64GB + 4G variants are the same as the online store.
So, back to the earlier example, the total payment needed upon completion of the 24 months contract would be RM1499 + (RM48 x 24) = RM2651.
Upon exceeding of the data quota, you will not be charged extra but the speed would be throttled.

If you're a Maxis One Club member, you enjoy further discounts on the device when you sign up with 4GB or 12GB plan with 32GB + 4G or 64GB + 4G.

Source: Maxis New iPad

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