Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[Celcom] New iPad Plans

Similar to Maxis, Celcom launches its new iPad plans as well. Celcom made available the choices of 12 months and 24 months. It comes in 2 packages only which is the iPad Basic (RM70/month) and iPad Advance (RM100/month). Similar to Maxis, there is also an advance payment required and would also be rebated within the next 12 months of the contract.

For comparison purposes (to Maxis), I will take the 24 months contract with the cheapest monthly commitment package. That would give me a total payment after 24 months of RM1429 + (RM70 x 24) = RM3109. With that you get to enjoy a quota of 4.5GB.

As for Maxis, taking 24 months with similar data quota of 4GB, the total payment after 24 months would be RM1349 + (RM68 x 24) = 2981. It gives a different of RM128 cheaper when compared with Celcom but a short of 500MB/month of usage.

Source: Celcom New iPad

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