Wednesday, December 14, 2011

iPhone 4S Plans Compared (Maxis vs Celcom vs DiGi)

The above 2 tables are the comparison of the iPhone 4S plans across 3 major telcos. The comparison are only done on a 16GB version with the most popular plans that most people would go for. The rest of the plans are probably too costly and only a minority would register anyway. If you would like to have a 32GB or a 64GB version with the same plan as above, the only difference would be the device price.

The comparison table only provide as a guide as a lot of factors should be taken into consideration when committing into a contract. Most importantly would be network coverage, 3G service coverage as well as technical support in the event of problems with the network. Also take note that only DiGi does not provide a 12 months contract. From the comparison above, it looks like DiGi is the cheapest in total after 24 months but the first payment upon registration is higher.


  1. They can do better than this. Check

  2. obviously none of the Malaysian telco can match Singaporean's telco competitiveness. Data package of 12GB itself is already a killer in Malaysia :)