Saturday, December 11, 2010

iPhone Apps Review: Naked Touch

I would like to introduce you to a great Photography app call Naked Touch.
It's almost as powerful as editing from your PC. You could edit, crop, adjust and share your photos directly from your iPhone. No need of expensive picture editor in your PC or Mac.

It is now $6.99 and it's available for both iPhone and iPad.
You can also check out the official website here

Upon launching the app, this is what you will see..
This will be your working space to begin with. You can create new album and so on. To begin, you can either take a new photo or you could import them from the gallery or from your camera roll.

I will try to demo a picture with this app. Firstly I will import the photo from my Gallery since I had already taken this photo sometime ago.

I know, you can't tell what picture this is.. yet..

Once the picture you selected is loaded, you automatically see several editing options on the right panel. Those features are stated below in full:
  • Focus
  • Noise Reduction
  • Shadows + Highlights
  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Contrast + Brightness
  • White Balance
  • Color Balance
  • Intensity
  • Saturation
  • Color Tune
The above are more that sufficient from amateur people like me.
I will demo the "Curves" feature with this picture. Observe the picture on the left. The picture adjust "live" while you adjust the curve on the right panel. This is cool as you can see how much adjustment is actually needed to avoid over or under-saturation of the picture you intending to edit.
I suppose now you can tell what picture this is right?

There are several other options to adjust as well. The next one that I'll demo is the Levels. You notice that there is "Auto Levels" at the bottom. This is the recommended auto-adjustment based on the picture you have selected. Sometimes it helps like the one below but sometimes it makes the picture look bad. So, you have to make your own judgement at times.

Noise adjustment is also possible. Especially useful when you are taking pictures at night. Normally the camera sensor will try to boost internal ISO to capture pictures with more light exposure. With such high ISO, the noise starts to come in.

Once all the editing are done, you can tap on the "Send" button on the top right to send the picture either to facebook, flickr, tumblr, Mail or to your phone gallery (iPhone).

Okay, there are plenty more editing possible with this app but I couldn't cover all of them with only 1 picture example. I will just show you the simple outcome of the curve adjustment that we have done earlier. Take a look at the comparison picture below..



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