Sunday, December 12, 2010

Guide to OpenSSH iPhone/iPad

This would serve as a comprehensive guide to enable you to successfully SSH your devices.
I am going to consolidate all the steps in this short post.

Before we proceed, you will need to ensure that your iPhone/iPad had been jailbroken and Cydia had been installed. Once this is done, we can proceed as below.

Step 1: Install MobileTerminal 426 for iOS 4.1 and above. Apparently the older version of MobileTerminal does not work with iOS 4. Use the search feature in Cydia to look for MobileTerminal 426. Once installed, you should see an icon similar to the one shown below on your springboard.

Step 2: This is where we change the standard "alpine" password. This is to prevent the likes of ikee virus on the iPhone which was said to be compromised because of the standard password.

Launch MobileTerminal.
You will be see something like below:
(your-iPhone-name):~ mobile$
Type in su root
(your-iPhone-name):~ mobile$ su root

It will then prompt for password like below:
This is where you type in alpine as the password and press enter.

Now, type in passwd like below:
(your-iPhone-name):/var/mobile root# passwd
It will then prompt you to enter new password.
Changing password for root.
New password:

Now type in the new password and again when it prompts to
Re-type new password:

With this, you have successfully changed the password of your device.

Step 3: Install OpenSSH. Launch Cydia, under Section -> Networking -> OpenSSH


That's it, you may now SSH your device with the username root and the password that you have created just now.
You have successfully change the root password of your device and installed OpenSSH. OpenSSH will allow you to access your file system of your iOS devices.

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