Saturday, April 3, 2010

Enable/Disable iPhone Backup on iTunes

Have you ever been frustrated with your iTunes always backing up each time you sync your iPhone?
It's gets worst if you have lots of apps on the iPhone. Even though the backup speed improves compared to earlier iTunes, still it will take a while to sync.
There is one solution right now to disable the backup. You could enable or disable upon your request.
Best thing is.. it's FREE!

The program is called iPhone Backup Switch.
Just take note that you have to ensure that the iTunes is not running before executing the program.
The downside, it only works on Windows OS.
Click "Disable" to disable iPhone backup and "Enable" to re-enable the backup. That's very simple!


  1. this worked great was gutted when i couldn't back my ip4 up no its does thanks =]

  2. HUGE relief! great post. massive help. had another bit of software that disabled but would not re enable a back up of my iphone. CHEERS!

  3. Thx a million for this thing... i love it.. since i was updating my fone it need to restore from backup.. since i don't have any backup i keep on loosing my sync details.. with this app i eally can backup any particular time & disable backup so that sync can take place properly...