Thursday, April 1, 2010

BlackBreeze fixed iTunes 9.1 sync with Jailbroken iPhone 3.1.2?

I am not sure if this works everytime on everybody but it's worth giving it a try if you have updated your iTunes to 9.1 and currently having syncing problem with your Jailbroken iPhone.
  1. Firstly, you have to download BlackBreeze program from ih8sn0w website. ih8sn0w is the creator of this fix. But unfortunately, at the moment the fix is only for Windows OS. Doesn't seem to be able to find the Mac version of the fix.
  2. Click on the "blackra1n - iTunes 9.1 fix" to download the .exe file.
  3. Select blackra1n RC3
  4. Select where to save the fixed blackra1n RC3 program (blackra1n-fixed.exe)
  5. Execute the blackra1n-fixed.exe file and restart your device. This should enable you to sync your Jailbroken iPhone 3.1.2 on the iTunes 9.1

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