Thursday, June 20, 2013

ChargeCard by Zeller Design LLC

ChargeCard, a simple innovative design of a USB "cable" for your mobile devices. It does what your normal USB cable would do - charge and sync minus the dangling wires.
The device is almost similar to the size of your average credit card but twice the thickness. I've tried inserting into my wallet and it still fits but as mentioned earlier, twice the thickness.
It has a rubbery feel and definitely doesn't worth the $25 price tag.

I ordered mine since 3 months ago for a cheaper price of $20 (shipment included) and it finally reaches me today. It is also available for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 too.

Source: ChargeCard


  1. Hola estoy a la espera de que me llegue hice mi pedido hace dos semanas soy de Durango, mex. mi correo

  2. el cargo a mi tarjeta de credito ya fue hecho.
    si pudiera informarme del estatus de mi pedido. Gracias
    Sra guillermina Rodriguez

  3. I have ordered and paid for this last September and still doesn't have it. I don't know who to contact and I hope that I didn't get ripped off!!

    1. you should email them.
      I had to email them to get the status/

  4. i received it now....took a long time from paying to shipping, but good stuff need´s time ....Good Job guy´s

  5. I got charged for mine on september the 2d 2013 and never got it. I must have thrown the paying mail to the garbage 'cause I can't find it in my mail but the charge was done and never got the card…. Where can I write to ask for it???