Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HTC One Series Plan Comparison (Maxis, DiGi, Celcom, U Mobile)

As promised, the table above shows the comparison between Maxis, DiGi, Celcom and U Mobile with the different plans offered for the latest HTC One Series smartphones.
Take note that the comparison is only based on the minimum committed contract period with the lowest monthly plan offered.

At a glance, we will see that Maxis is the one which is the most expensive (RM2835) upon completion of the 12 months contract. You get Value First plan which basically provides RM30 worth of calls and SMS. Among the 4 telcos, the phone rebate for Maxis is the lowest, which in this case is RM1899. One thing to highlight is that Maxis provides 24 months warranty for the devices. Also, there is no upfront payment required.

Second in place is Celcom at RM2754 upon completion of 12 months contract. Celcom provides Celcom Exec 50 which includes RM50 worth of calls and SMS. As to why the price is quite close to Maxis (only RM81 difference), Celcom provides more rebate on the device itself.
Celcom too provide PPU (pay per use) possibility but without contract. That's the reason why you see the device price is RRP at RM2099. But there is a special rebate of RM10/month if you opt for this plan. PPU means you pay as per usage for your calls and SMS. This is good for people who seldom call or hardly send any conventional SMS since there is Whatsapp available nowadays.

DiGi on the other hand provides the most affordable package with a total commitment of RM2215 upon 12 months. As DiGi usually does it, they offer PPU package with a monthly commitment of RM43 per month after registration of auto-billing.

U Mobile was one of the first to announce the HTC One Series registration of interest. With the plan U28, it sums up to have RM2431 upon 24 months contract. Take note that U Mobile only offers 24 months contract. Calls and SMS are PPU concept but with U28 plan, it provides 100 free SMS (same network) and 200 SMS (different network).

Below shows the comparison for HTC One V.

Source: MaxisDiGiCelcomU Mobile

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