Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Acer Aspire 3951 = Macbook Air Copycat?

Now it's Acer's turn perhaps? This would be ultimate rivalry between Acer and Apple with the almost easily deceived version of Macbook Air, dubbed as the Acer Aspire 3951. Perhaps when it actually launches, it should have a more flashy name. 3951 will probably not make it to the mind of most people after a week or so.

Interestingly the design is almost similar to the well known Macbook Air. It even comes with aluminum design. Just like the Apple machine, it has 13.3" display. Weight reported to also be almost similar to the Macbook Air, estimated to be 1.4kg. The Air weighs 1.35kg. There is an optional 160GB SSD and perhaps a HDMI slot as well.
Obviously it does not have Thunderbolt port and definitely will not run on OSX Lion.
Most interestingly would definitely be the price. No definite price available for the moment.

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