Wednesday, June 2, 2010

iPhone Apps Reviews: X2 Soccer 2010

I've played several soccer games on the iPhone and this is one of the best with smooth graphics and contained lots of data of players and teams.

The name of the game is X2 Soccer 2010.
Current price is $6.99
There is also a lite version which is free. A demo version.

From the main menu, there are several options to choose.

Supports WiFi and Bluetooth multiplayers.

Key controls are also shown on the settings. Pretty simple. There are 3 touch buttons and a D-touch pad which basically sums up the whole key controls of the game.
- Double tap on the screen, players perform tricks.
- Double tap on the pass button (bottom left), players perform 1-2 passings.

From the menu, tapping on Start Match will prompt you to select England vs Germany by default.

Some actions..

Verdict: One of the best sports game on touch screen.

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  1. Pls take note that there is a rss feed in this game. It feeds with latest news in soccer. It ultilizes the 3G data for this. It will also work with WiFi.