Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scan2PDF Mobile for Windows Mobile

Here's a short review of an app which I think it's quite useful in daily tasks. It's goes by the name as stated in the title. What it does is that it uses the camera of your mobile phone, make a photo capture (scanning) and then convert it directly to PDF. You will not have to have the trouble of using a scanner to do that. You can do it all directly from your mobile phone and it works like charm!
This program works on both WM6.1 and WM6.5

Some guided actions:
After installation, run the program. The icon is quite obvious!

Upon pressing the "Scan page...", you'll be guided by some instructions.

Press OK and start "scanning". It'll automatically switched you to camera mode for scanning purposes. Press "Make PDF..." and it's done.

Pressing the menu will bring several options. Pressing "PDFs..." will show you your previous scanned items.

You can find the link to the official downloads here.

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