Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mobile Phones Chronology

Personally, I've tried quite a number of mobile phones before.. Probably the chronology are as below:
Mobile phones from:
  • minimum GUI to a full OS Window Mobile 6.1
  • T9 keypad -> qwerty keyboard -> touch screen
  • screen size from less than 2" to a staggering 3.8"
  • 2G -> 2.5G -> 3G -> 3.5G
Mobile phone industries had evolved from normal communication tool to a full featured multimedia must-have communication device in such century.

In the year 2005, the world mobile user was 2.1 billion and in Malaysia alone, it was quoted to be 19.5 million.
Source: CIA World Factbook 2007
That was in 2005. Imagine what would the number be in such year of 2009 and of course with the hype of the iPhone which shakes the mobile phone industries since last year.

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